Town Centre Opening This Week

Craigieburn Central will open this Thursday 31st October 2013.

According to Hume Council website, retailers (presumably Coles, Woolworths, and ALDI who has definitely confirmed their opening date) will open this week, followed by a retail precinct opening mid-November.

The Lygon Street road that connects Craigieburn road to the centre is now open, as is the parrallel road, Aitken Boulevard, which now provides direct access from Craigieburn road and the town centre to the northern highlands areas (Mt Ridley and Bridgehaven estates).

Residents of Craigieburn will this week breathe a sigh of relief when the ribbon is finally cut on the centre, which has been anticipated for well over a decade now.

The centre will open in time for the busy Christmas shopping period, and will deliver around 5000 full and part time jobs.

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ALDI Opening

The first ALDI supermaket store in Craigieburn is set to open at the new Craigieburn Central site on Craigieburn Road in less than 2 weeks.

The entry to the site has a banner over the street signage reading “Opens 31st October 2013″, and the shop has clearly been fit out with and nearly all shelves stocked.

The site is also being prepared, with landscapers tending to gardens, and most roadworks leading to the Craigieburn Central site being cleared.

It is our hope that all stores will be opening alongside ALDI, however given ALDI’s location close to the main road, they may be one of, if not the only store to open until the rest of the site is ready.

The north end of Mt Aitken boulevard also appears ready to open up and connect Craigieburn road through the Highlands estates and out into Mt Ridley road, but the southern end that goes from Craigieburn road to Somerton Road appears to be some way off, and is for now, closed.

We’re really looking forward to supermarket shopping alternatives, and we’re sure the German chain will be a big hit with all the locals.

Stay tuned for more news on Craigieburn Central opening and stores.

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Craigieburn Jobs Fair

The new Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre has created over 4,000 jobs during construction, and will create around 5,000 retail jobs in the community when it launches later this year.

This massive boost to employment in the area is a win for residents, in particular younger workers.

A Jobs Fair is being held for locals to check out the opportunities available, meet employers face to face, discuss vacancies and apply for open positions.

The fair will be held at the Hume GLC on 28th August 2013 between midday and 8PM.

Hume Global Learning Centre [map]
75-95 Central Park Avenue

For more information please visit or call 9205 2200

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Shopping Centre Updates

We’ve setup a shopping centre updates page to keep you up to date with all the latest news at Craigieburn Central.

Check back at our site for regular news and updates.

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Connections@Craigieburn Launch

Connections@Craigieburn, a community services hub is launching next week in the old Craigieburn Library building.

Connections is Hume’s first a multi-agency service centre comprising 8 community agencies (incluing Anglicare VIC, The Brotherhood of St Lawrence and others) who offer family services, vocatioal training ane employment services for young people.

The Opening of Connections@Craigieburn will take place from 10:30AM to 12:00 midday on Thursday 8th August in the Old Craigieburn Library Builing (59 Craigieburn Road). There wil be a ribbon cutting, followed by morning tea and performance by local groups. Community members are welcome to attend.

For details:

RSVP by 6th August 2013 to Jacinta – or phone 9483 2401.

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Craigieburn Fire 18/02/2013

Craigieburn Grass Fire

There is a grass fire near Craigieburn, which at the time of publishing was classified as a fast moving grass fire with threat to homes and lives primarily impacting Epping, Campbellfield and Somerton areas.

According to new reports approx 4:22PM, Epping residents are evacuating while the Northern Hospital is on standby.

The fire is travelling in a southerly direction from Craigieburn Road East and Epping Road, and the section of the Hume Highway near the fire has been closed. CFA has urged residents in the Epping area that is not under threat to stay at home and not contribute to gridlock.

90 strike teams comprising more than 450 firefighters are battling the fire of approximately 1300ha, with five aircraft water bombers and another two en-route.

Whilst there does not appear to be an immediate threat to Craigieburn, residents should be alert, and stay in doors due to the smoke in the air.

For details, refer to the CFA Website, or call Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on freecall 1800 240 667. If there is an emergency, call 000.

Update at 6:09PM, Courtesy of
Fire crews believe they have stopped the grassfire on its western front at Somerton and are now concentrating on the eastern flank, which has grown to more than 1900ha.

Read more:

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Nando’s is now open

After almost a year of waiting, and having been listed on the main sign of the Highlands Shopping Centre, Nandos has finally arrived in Craigieburn.

The Nandos store at Highlands was tonight full of hungry Portuguese chicken fans, and adds to the eateries of this almost-full centre.

In other news, an Australia Post store is coming soon to the Highlands Shopping Centre, along with a hair dresser, however we’re yet to learn of when the newsagent is expected to open.

Regulars to the Highlands Shopping Centre may also have noticed the Highlands Hotel is putting on the external finishing touches, and according to our sources is expected to open by the 1st of November, just in time for the busy Melbourne Cup Weekend and leading into the celebratory holiday season.

More info on the Highlands Hotel can be found via their website or Facebook pages.

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NBN in Malcolm Creek

NBNco, the national company appointed by The Australian Government to build a national broadband network recently released new information relating to their rollout in “greenfield” estates, or basically when they’ll begin making new housing developments ready for the NBN.

As of 6th July 2012, the plans for Craigieburn, or specifically specifically newer parts of the highlands estate estimate that up to 677 premises will have NBN available to the service (mainly near Malcolm Creek and surrounds, based on the data).

Looking at the data, we expect the rollout to begin in late July on Newberry Boulevard to the northern end of the estate, and some of the streets to be connected include Serenity Way, Gateshead Street and Eminence Way.

It is important to note that the NBN is an installation of Fibre Optic Infrastructure, which is anticipated to take up to 10 years to complete, and most new housing estates will only receive NBN Fibre where no Telstra copper phone/broadband alternative is available.

The 677 proposed premises will cover just a percentage of the 7600 premises in the new estates. The remaining premises in older parts of Craigieburn, and even recently established estates that use copper phone and ADSL broadband services aren’t forecast for any NBN Rollout in the next three years according to NBNco’s rollout plan for Victoria.

For more information, see the NBNco website.

Note: the times quoted are subject to change, and are an indicator of when works might begin, not when NBNco will be available to receive an phone or internet connection. NBNCo is a wholesale company. Refer to the NBNco website for futher information and participating NBN carriers.

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Hytyde Fish and Kebab Open This Weekend

Hytyde Fish & Kebab will open tomorrow, Saturday 28th April at Highlands Shopping Centre on Grand Boulevard next door to Domino’s Pizza.

Owners Steve and Sadik, who have previous experience running a fish & seafood eatery as well as a bakery, say they are thrilled and look forward to providing Craigieburn and the wider community a store that will fresh fish & seafood as well as freshly prepared kebabs and a variety of salads and dips that will be prepared daily. The store will be using 100% cotton-seed oil which is completely cholesterol free.

The menu of delicious and reasonably priced meals and snacks can be downloaded here.

The store opens tomorrow from 09:00AM, and trading hours are 09:00AM – 08:00PM seven days a week.

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Jetts adds more equipment

Jetts Fitness, located at the new Highlands centre in Craigieburn is a great addition to the community, with convenient 24×7 access and great low rates, this is a place where locals come to work out and get fit.

As members who go almost daily, we’ve noticed in the last few weeks the gym equipment has been getting a little crowded during peak times (usually only Monday night), but Jetts have today added heaps of new workout equipment including: an extra excercise bike (total 6), new rower (3), extra cross trainer (4) and two new treadmills (total 7).

Not only all of this modern cardio equipment great to work out on, with resistance levels for light and intense workouts, the tv screens on bikes, cross trainers and treadmills really help pass the time.

It’s great to see a business that doesn’t just milk it’s customers and forget about them.

Jetts is a great asset to the Craigieburn area, and we love the care they’ve taken with this facility.

If you’re already a member of Jetts Craigieburn, like their Facebook page for a chance to win a month’s free gym (comp ends March 31st 2012).

This article was written on an android powered mobile whilst burning 800 calories on one of Jetts new excercise bikes :)

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